Postings and Coverage Page

Postings are selected for their relevance to markets for Indium, Gallium and Germanium metals.  This may include posts on other Minor Metals, Precious Metals, Currencies, Government Policy, Technology, Public Attitudes, Weather, Mine Safety, Labor, Distribution Issues, and more.

Minor Metals tend to share issues, rather than being affected in isolation.  The foremost driver for Minor Metals activity is the retail consumer, typically through the purchase of an end product which incorporates one or more of those metals.  Some metals also find uses in Industrial and Government products and services.

Against the backdrop of a metal’s demand f0r use in a manufactured product are issues of physical supply, refining, quality, distribution channels, currency values, government policies of production and trade, and demand for investment purposes.  The current and future state of each of these issues is subject to both hard analysis and fact, as well as nuanced trends and anticipation of forces capable of moving markets.

If you see a post which appears misplaced, take a minute to see if you can find the editors reason for including the posted subject.

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